What’s New in October?

Have the Florida amendments left you scratching your head?  If you vote “NO are you actually voting FOR the amendment?  If you vote “YES,” are you voting against it?  Confused?  You’re not alone.  Fortunately, this month Michelle Levy, from the League of Women Voters, will make sense out of the apparent gibberish.

Martha Williamson is coordinating the formation of a new book group.  She has dubbed it a “relaxation reading group.”  The lighter reads won’t have you scratching your head like the woman pictured above.

Have you sent in an article to a newspaper that you think would interest our members?  It doesn’t matter if it made it into print or not.  We will print it here!  Check out “Read All About It”–the last sub-menu under ABOUT US.





Have you met our new branch officers?

L to R:  Maria Bonnet (V P. Membership)

Leslie Lieberman (President)

Phyllis Hall (co-Finance Director)

Rosemary Vendena (co-Finance Director)

Barbara Knapp conducts the installation of the new officers.