Interest Groups

Booklovers      Coordinator (9 Groups)   Ellen James (407-857-0044)

Booklovers Lite    (AKA Booklovers III)   Chair:  Karen Deo (407-679-6186)

Cooking Globally    Co-chairs    Adrienne Katz (407-636-6282)
Linda Hammersla  (440-227-2514)

Current Issues    Chair Marcy Kysilka  (321-972-5315)

Dining Couples    Meets monthly on the 3rd Saturday (except December).  Chair Robbi Willenkin (407-960-4151)

Dining-In             Chair Jane Rosen   (321-295-7689)

Dining at Night   Chair Susan Hoke  (407 637-6857)

Exploring Central Florida   The Museums/Galleries Group and the Walking Group have merged to form this new group.  Temporary Chair:  Linda Fessel (407-677-0317; 407-376-9410)

Foreign Affairs   Chair Dee Fuentes (407-310-1154)

Foreign Films   Chair Linda Fessel  (407-677-0317)

Lunching Out   Chair Linda Fessel  (407-677-0317)

Mah Jongg       Co-Chairs Karen Deo     (407-679-6186)
Linda Fessel  (407-677-0317)

PACE Center for Girls Support:  Co-Chairs Anne Landrum  (407-539-1667)
Pat Stamm (407-971-0565)

Theatre Group        Chair Jean Bubriski  (949-278-7293)